Ways to get involved

The primary gathering place is this community website. Content on this site should be taken as the source of truth for information on our activities.

Real time conversations

We have the following three options for real time conversations with community members. All of them are appropriate for informal discussions, and are welcoming spaces for folks new to Functional Programming.

  1. Most conversations currently take place on the Telegram Group.
  2. We have a nascent Discord group which doesn’t have as much going on at the present, but it does have the advantage of having channels, so you can choose only to read specific categories. This is also the place to discuss #offtopic stuff. You might also want to join the Discord group for discussions regarding ongoing Functional Programming courses.
  3. The FPIndia Matrix Space is very new, but is a good FOSS and privacy preserving option. We recommend using Element which is a cross platform matrix client.

There are plans underway to bridge conversations across all these options, so you won’t miss conversations regardless of which option you pick! If you would like to help out with those efforts, check out the section below on contributing to fpindia development.

Other social media

Apart from that, you can engage with the community in the following ways -

  1. Follow us on our Twitter Account
  2. We upload event videos on our Youtube Channel.
  3. Finally, if you would like to reach out to the site admins directly for any reason, you can always mail us at team@functionalprogramming.in.

Contribute to FPIndia development

  1. If you would like to help out with FPIndia development activities, head over to our Github. This is a great way to contribute to the community and to get some real world functional programming practice! We are very friendly, especially to people learning functional programming and will usually provide plenty of guidance and mentorship on how to make your first pull request!
  2. If you would like to host an FPIndia meetup or event, contact us via email at team@functionalprogramming.in.