Connected Communities

There are many other sister communities related to FPIndia. The following is a list of some of them. If you run a community on a topic related to functional programming and would like to be added to this list, please let us know.


Rust is a blazingly fast, strongly typed, imperative programming language that provides compile time guarantees about memory safety and thread-safety. Rust may be imperative, but its strong static type system and facilities for immutability and concurrency, earn it the badge of an honorary functional programming language!

Rust Bangalore

The Rust community for people in Bangalore. Connect with them through the Rust Bangalore community website. Other ways to connect are through the Rust Bangalore Telegram group, the Rust Bangalore HasGeek page, and the Rust India LinkedIn.

Rust Kerala

Rust community for people in the state of Kerala. They have a Rust Kerala Telegram group, as well as presence on Rust Kerala LinkedIn, and Rust Kerala Twitter.

Rust Hyderabad

The Rust community for people in Hyderabad. Join the Rust Hyderabad Meetup Group.

Rust Delhi

The Rust community specifically for people within Delhi NCR. Join the Rust Delhi Telegram Group, or explore other ways to connect.

Rust Pune

The Rust community for people in Pune. Join the Rust Pune Meetup Group, or use the same platforms as for Rust India.


Elixir is a dynamically typed functional programming language with immutable data structures.

Elixir Delhi

Connect with the Delhi Elixir community on the Elixir Delhi Telegram group.

Nix / NixOS

NixOS Asia is a community of Nix and NixOS users, with meetups planned initially in Bangalore.